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How wedding fairs can help you

Saturday 14th July 2018
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How wedding fairs can help you - woman on catwalk in wedding dress

Whether you’re engaged or not, you’ve more than likely heard of a wedding fair. But do you think it’s just a big sales event where suppliers try to sell you their services?

In a way, it is. But it’s also an event where you can find inspiration, talk to other brides, and, most importantly, get some free cake samples and a glass of fizz!

Wedding fairs can be a fun day out with your whole bridal squad. But how can you make sure you get the most out of them so they benefit you?


Wedding Fairs at your Booked Venue

Maybe you’ve booked your wedding venue, but are very early on in the planning stages. Lots of wedding venues are now hosting their own fairs, so research to see when they’re hosting one next.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know the staff before your day, which can help you out a lot nearer the time of your wedding. It’s also a great opportunity to ask them any questions about the venue. All kinds of staff members will be milling about for the wedding fair, so write down any burning questions you have in advance.

Venues often treat wedding fairs as a chance to show off the place, so they’ll dress it up and make it look beautiful. This is your chance to get some inspiration for your day, and also see the venue fully dressed for a wedding.


Find Discounts

If you’re a budget-savvy bride, you’ll be spending most of your time at wedding fairs. When suppliers attend a fair, they normally want something out of it, i.e. new customers.

This means, they’ll offer a discount if you book them there and then. This discount can range from 10% off to 25% off. Some wedding fairs charge you an entry free, but if you’re saving money on the suppliers, then this fee is absolutely worth it.

Just don’t feel pressured to book there and then unless you’re absolutely sure! If you’re not 100%, don’t book them just for the discount.


TOP TIP! Take a bag of some kind to put all your leaflets and brochures in. You’ll be handed loads of paraphernalia so somewhere to store it is a must.


Find suppliers

Obviously, this is the main purpose of a wedding fair. You’ve probably planned to go because you want to find and speak to some local suppliers.

A website or a leaflet doesn’t usually give you the proper impression of a wedding supplier. However, going to a wedding fair, talking to them and seeing what their stand is like will give you a feeling. You can normally tell straight away if they’re the kind of supplier you were looking for. And, as mentioned above, you might get a small discount for booking them at a fair.

Wedding fairs can be a really fun, enjoyable day out, especially if the weather’s nice. So search some in your local area today!


Header photo taken by Kate Mayo Photography at the Cheshire Wedding Fayre, organised by Bouquet and Bells

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