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Keep calm whilst planning a wedding

Saturday 2nd June 2018
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Pink peonies on a long wedding top table

Planning a wedding is known as one of the most stressful things a person can do in their lifetime. But it’s not supposed to be stressful. After all, you’re planning one of the most important and magical days of your life, so you’re meant to enjoy it too.

There are loads of ways you can keep your stress levels low whilst planning your wedding. These are just some of them to help you out for when you’re feeling anything but calm.

Try to Let Things Go

When you’ve got a vision for your big day, it can be difficult to trust other people with the responsibility of getting it right. You want everything to be perfect.

But do you ever find yourself waking up in the middle of the night because you forgot to tell the venue dresser that your tablecloths are for 6ft tables, and not 5?

You need to trust in your suppliers! They do this job for a living, have probably done hundreds of weddings, and have also more than likely worked at your venue before. You need to trust that they’ll figure things out for themselves, and come to you with questions if they have any.

Letting go can be really difficult, but they will do your vision proud.

Offload Onto Others

Trying to do everything yourself will most likely wear you down, and make you hate the wedding planning. It’s a good idea to ask others to get involved.

Planning on DIYing any aspect of your day? Get your girls over and a bottle of wine to do it together. It’ll take less time, and you’ll be less worried about getting it done.

Is there someone who can come with you to appointments to make sure you ask all the right questions, and make a note of the answers? Try to get your Mum or Maid of Honour to join you.

You’ll be amazed at how much other people like to help out. They enjoy feeling helpful, and will most likely be honoured to be a part of your day, even if it’s just in the smallest of ways.

Keep a Planner

Keep calm when planning your wedding - a notebook and a pen with a to do list.

You’ll be amazed at how much information comes with planning a wedding. You’ll need to keep track of what time all the different suppliers will be arriving on the day, how much they all cost, what they include, what they don’t include, etc. It’s far too much information for one person to keep in their head.

Having a wedding file will help you out so much. You should print off any correspondence from suppliers, such as emails, and add these to your folder. You should create a spreadsheet of all your suppliers’ telephone numbers so you can find them easily. You should take a notebook with you to any appointments and keep track of what’s been discussed or changed. Then go home and update this in your main wedding file.

It might seem a tad obsessive, but when you’ve had a major panic over when and where the cake is getting dropped off, it’ll all be in one place, and may save you trawling through emails.

Top Tip: Create an email address especially for your wedding, e.g. to keep everything in one place.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Many people think that a wedding planner is an extra expense, and possibly one that isn’t needed. Maybe you think they’ll take over, or that they aren’t worth the money.

But if you really want to keep calm whilst planning your wedding, a planner can be the way to answer all your wedding prayers.

Their knowledge and relationships with suppliers in your local area means that they could save you money, so the cost of hiring the planner is counteracted. Say your wedding planner has cost £2,000. You have 10 suppliers and your planner has managed to save you £200 off the total price of each supplier, you’ve already made your money back.

All of these points about planning a wedding have something in common. They all involve letting other people help you. Family members would love to be involved, as will your bridesmaids. Let them take some of the stress off you, and you’ll be one chilled out bride!

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