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What to check before your marquee wedding

Tuesday 24th July 2018
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Marquees have grown ever popular in recent years, as they are the perfect place to host your wedding. They can often be cheaper, they can fit more people in, and you’ll find there’s more flexibility with how you can dress them. They’re a huge blank canvas for you to go wild with!

But a marquee is very different from a manor house, or a modern hotel. Perhaps you’re getting married in a marquee, or are still considering it. These are the things you have to think about in advance.


Marquees are usually set in large fields which can make them impractical to get to if some of your guests don’t drive, are disabled, or elderly. What are the toilets like? Do they have disabled access too? Where can guests park? Is there a walk from the car park to the marquee? Does this mean you have to put down a red carpet/walkway for women in heels to avoid sinking in the grass?

These might seem like small details, but you do have to think of your guests on your big day as well as yourself and what you want.

You’ll also need to think about your suppliers for your marquee wedding. Is there a sufficient kitchen space for the caterers, and easy access to water? Most marquees will absolutely be equipped for this kind of thing, but you wouldn’t want to book and then find out you can only have a mobile food van come to you when you actually wanted a sit down meal.

If you want a large light show, a 6-person band and a light up dance floor, you need to check that the venue can take big amounts of power too. There’s no point in paying extra for these things if they can’t be used on the day because of generator problems or overloading.


Marquee wedding with pastel colours and open roof

The layout of your marquee is a huge consideration. Unlike other venues, a marquee is one large room with no other areas available. A manor house might have lots of rooms dotted around that your guests can spread out in. But what do you do in a marquee when you want to hide certain aspects of the room?

You could use different flooring to separate off sections, for example, wooden flooring where the bar is for the drinks’ reception, and carpet for where you’ll be eating.

You could use a temporary ‘wall’ or curtain to hide a section, so if you didn’t want the guests to see the dance floor prior to the evening, it could be hidden. This curtain could be dropped later on to reveal a whole new section of the marquee.

This works really well if you want to hide where the wedding breakfast will take place. Maybe you don’t want guests to be able to see it during the drinks reception, so you can unveil it before you go in to eat. This can be a really exciting reveal, for you and your guests.


The British weather can be anything but predictable. You need to be prepared for if your weather app says blue skies, but you wake up on the day to rain and thunder.

Many people worry about marquees feeling cold or breezy. If you’re unsure, ask. Marquee owners will be prepared for the wintery weather, and can supply heating with no issues. They are all-weather venues and are used to any temperatures. Perhaps ask if they can get a couple of electric heaters just in case they’re needed.

A marquee wedding can be really beautiful. Just be prepared for everything that comes with it.

Interested in a marquee wedding but haven’t booked yet? We have 3 beautiful marquees on site. Book a viewing now or for more information, call us on 0151 353 1155.

*Photo courtesy of Kate Mayo Wedding Photography. Marquee by All About Me installed at Park Fields.

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